Karirana Magic

Karirana Magic

Our goals and Values

Every successful company has its own magic formula, that which makes it stand out from its competitors. At Karirana, we pride ourselves in the best business practices, which ordinarily makes our tea the best.

Our core values

Karirana’s core values are the foundation of our business philosophy and strategy and are woven into every aspect of our corporate life. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

We believe in the following five core values:


Doing the right thing is an important component of the Karirana culture. Whatever it takes, we believe in treating all people with dignity, respect and fairness and in following ethical business practices at all times.


At Karirana, we emphasize teamwork and open communication among all individuals and departments in the organization. We value informed risk taking, accountability for actions and recognition for results. We also believe in collective responsibility towards a unified corporate purpose.

Customer focus

At Karirana, we strive to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver what they truly value. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers, which can be leveraged for mutual benefit.

Continual improvement

At Karirana, we believe in initiative and drive. We are committed to getting better every day in all we do as individuals and a team. We strive for excellence by continuously working to innovate and improve our processes, products and services.

Community and social responsibility

We value the communities in which we operate and play an active role in environmental conservation and in enhancing quality of life. We believe in fair trade practices and engage in sustainable agricultural and good manufacturing practices.

Our Products