Product Safety and Quality Policy

Product Safety and Quality

Karirana Estates Limited is a leading grower, manufacturer, packer and supplier of tea to the domestic and international market. Karirana Estates Limited owns the KARIRANA and EDEN tea brands available both locally and internationally. KARIRANA tea is marketed both in bulk and value-added form while EDEN tea is marketed exclusively in value-added form.

Policy Statement

It is our policy to ensure that both quality and product safety are an integral part of creating and maintaining products that are the preferred consumer choice. In deed we are committed to providing quality products and services that satisfy customer and consumer expectations in regard to safety and value.


In order to operate within our stated policy and demonstrate our commitment to food safety, we shall:

  • Comply with all applicable product and consumer safety legislation, relevant industry standards or codes of practice, and internal quality and product safety policies and standards.
  • Identify and evaluate quality and potential consumer safety hazards within our operations and those arising from change, and seek to eliminate, control or minimize them.
  • Set annual targets for continuous improvement, provide adequate resources and implement quality and consumer safety management programs to address significant quality and consumer safety risks.
  • Regularly review quality and consumer safety performance, targets, improvement activities and compliance programs.
  • Establish and maintain procedures to deal with customer and consumer complaints relating to quality and safety.
  • Establish and maintain ISO9001 and/or HACCP based quality and consumer safety management systems. 
  • Train and educate all management and employees so that they understand their roles and responsibilities, are given the appropriate skills, competencies and involvement, and have good quality and consumer safety awareness.
  • Encourage our contractors, suppliers, employees and customers to participate in relevant industry or other programs that will lead to quality and consumer safety improvements.
  • Maintain a communication network which provides relevant information and advice regarding quality and consumer safety risks associated with our products, operations and services. This includes making this policy publicly available.
  • Remain alert and responsive to developing issues and public concerns. Work with industry bodies, government agencies, business partners and other concerned organizations to promote quality and consumer safety, increase knowledge and disseminate best practice. 
  • We aim to process high quality tea through investment in modern state-of-the-art manufacturing systems as well as ensuring our factory runs efficiently so as to expand capacity in line with production trends.
  • Our staff constantly drives the process to make our tea the finest, by marrying sustainable agricultural and manufacturing practices to ensure that our quality is always above the bar.

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