Tea Marketing

Tea Marketing

Sales Enquiries

Most of Karirana tea is sold in bulk form through the Mombasa auction. The tea is popular in many markets around the world, and especially so in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, the United States of America and the Middle East.

Other market outlets include:

  • Private contracts (direct export)
  • Local packers
  • Factory door sales
  • Retail stores across Kenya

Karirana offers teas for private sales weekly to various local and overseas buyers. The prices and quantities offered vary from week to week based on the international market prices and production trends. These sales could be on ex-factory, ex-warehouse or free-on-board (F.O.B.) basis.

Why Karirana tea?

  1. It is 100% pure Kenya tea
  2. It is grown at high altitude thus making it a high grown quality tea.
  3. It is hand plucked ensuring only the freshest two top leaves and a bud are picked.
  4. Strict quality assurance procedures are carried out during every process of manufacture.
  5. It is packed right at the source, immediately after processing, ensuring perfect freshness.
  6. It is cultivated using sustainable agricultural practices and processed using good manufacturing practices.
  7. It is consistent all the year round.
  8. It is certified by Ethical Tea Partnership and is tested regularly by Kenya Bureau of Standards to ensure compliance with the approved tea standard.

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