Management Services

Management Services

Karirana Tea Management Services

Karirana Tea management Services (KTMS) Limited, which is a subsidiary of Karirana Estates Limited, was incorporated in year 2000 to provide professional management services for both tea farms and factories within the greater East African region. The company's activities are coordinated at the head office at Karirana Estates.

KTMS helps farmers to optimize crop production and run their factories in an efficient and professional manner to enhance returns.

Since inception, the KTMS client base has increased steadily, which is a sign of confidence the farmers have developed in the company. KTMS-managed farms have realized enhanced green leaf production, productivity and increased returns among other benefits.

All a farmer needs to get these benefits is just contact the KTMS officers at Karirana Estates Limited. The officers will then carry out a technical appraisal of the farm which will inform the drawing up of a management proposal. The proposal will be discussed by the two parties and if in agreement, both parties sign a management contract before KTMS takes over the actual running of the farm.

We take this opportunity to highly recommend the services to all potential and interested farmers, who really care about maximizing returns from their tea business. As we say in KTMS, tea farming is a business and deserves to be given serious professional attention that it actually deserves.

With KTMS you will not go wrong.

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