Company Profile

Company Profile

Our Vision

To make Eden Tea the preferred tea in East Africa.



We run our business with precision, just like we make our tea. Tea making is both an art and a science that is dependent on attention to detail and continuous improvement.

We are very deliberate and meticulous in our business practice. We continuously scan the environment and align our strategies to it, always maintaining a competitive edge in the market place by providing high quality tea products to our customers. We also develop partnerships that can be leveraged to achieve sustainable growth to our shareholders’ wealth and the well being of other stakeholders.

We aim to process high quality tea through investment in modern state-of-the-art manufacturing systems as well as ensuring our factory runs efficiently so as to expand capacity in line with production trends.

Our staff constantly drive the process to make our tea the finest, by marrying sustainable agricultural and manufacturing practices to ensure that our quality is always above the bar.

Our Products