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Coffee dates are so cliché; let’s bond over tea

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Tea has been proven to improve health, energy levels and well-being in so many ways. But above this, we love every cup. We love knowing we are being good to ourselves. Among the numerous health benefits of tea. Tea is naturally packed with antioxidants, which will protect you from free radicals.  This is why we believe it’s the best drink to have on a date!

We’ve all heard about or gone to coffee dates.  (It was a pandemic before the actual pandemic). We’ve all heard the sayings of how it makes people feel better about waking up because they know that coffee hit is in their near future. But now it has become a tired trope; Coffee dates are so cliché; let’s bond over tea! A hot cup of coffee can perk you up in the morning but a soothing cup of tea can help you relax after a stressful day and isn’t that the best time to have a date? Seeing your loved one or meeting someone new after a long days’ work is what keeps most of us sane. It’s time to embrace the new found love of Tea; and what better than Karirana Tea.

Over a quick conversation, in the house, or during whatever hour of say Karirana Tea is brewed for every occasion. With all the different flavors involved, welcome to a world that’s full of life and rich with taste. Tea that’s made well deserves to be experienced with people close to you. And the brand that enables that in Karirana. Date time, conversation street is about experience. When you’re with someone you love you’ll remember what you drank. You’ll remember the feeling of warmth flowing through your body as all your senses are heightened.

Unlike coffee and alcohol, there’s no feeling lethargic or tired halfway through a date which means you can completely enjoy yourself and be engrossed with the people around you. Looking at the health benefits as well, they completely outweigh their compatriots in coffee and alcohol which means with Tea, especially Karirana Tea, you are healthier, happier, and whole!

The conclusion is simple, and the facts have been laid out; Kariana Tea ticks all the boxes. Its magic will make you glow, bubbly excited and the perfect date for that special someone. On top of being a great icebreaker, Karirana Tea almost guarantees that your date will go well and your body and mind will be up to the task.

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