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Working at Karirana

Karirana Estates Limited is an ethical and socially responsible employer. We provide a safe working environment and comply with legal requirements on occupational health, safety and the environment. We strive to ensure that the welfare of all staff and their families is addressed in a professional way, in addition to providing a positive quality of life at work. We continuously sustain a work environment for outstanding customer satisfaction, recognizing people for individual and collective contributions to our success. In keeping with Kaizen principles and continuous improvement, Karirana Estates promotes innovation, ideas, and share them for the benefit of all.


Work Life Balance
Comprehensive Health Plan
Educational Training
Recreational Facilities

Our Initiatives

Nature Kenya

We are members of Nature Kenya who occasionally grace our farms for their birding activities including assisting in identifying the bird species around Karirana Estates.

The Forest Challenge

We support the annual event dubbed “The Forest Challenge” which brings together environment enthusiasts in Kereita-Aberdare forest Forest to have activities that promote awareness on environmental matters as they also have fun.

Tree Nursery

We run an indigenous tree nursery within Karirana Estate from which we donate trees to the local community in an effort to improve biodiversity and ensure thriving of flora and fauna.


Job Opportunities

The career ethics and values we have are paramount to the sustainability of our organisation. We take pride in cultivating eager minds in order to get the best out of you as an individual and for the organisation.

Open Positions

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