Farming at Karirana

We are within an ecosystem that has many players and understand that alone, our impact on upholding the values that we perform business with respect to the environment may not be enough. That is why we associate with like-minded people to promote environmental issues within our area of influence.

Karirana Estate

Every cup of Karirana Tea is served with a rich heritage of Kenya’s tea history. We take pride in our work. From the seedlings, to the farms, to the farmers and the wider community; every process is immaculate. This happens because we believe in excellence and understand the value of our product; an experience we want our customers to enjoy with us. Karirana has over the years acquired reputation as a global leader in the production of high quality tea, a reputation that has been built through continuous improvement initiatives for over 60 years with a professional approach to management of the tea business.

Mukeu Farm - Thika

Located on the gentle plains before the ascent into the central highlands, the small valleys following the Chania and Thika Rivers are blessed with beautiful waterfalls and scenery. Thika’s climate is a subtropical highland with sunshine and good rainfall most of the year. This makes it ideal for the growth of Eucalyptus Trees which Karirana uses as energy to power its factories.

Kiija Farm - Meru

Located on the northeast slopes of Mount Kenya with the Kathita River passes adjacent to the town, the subtropical highland climate is a base for the flourishing Kariana Eucalyptus plants that come from Meru Farm. Eucalyptus oils contain compounds called monoterpenes that can be converted into a very high-energy fuel and this is what the company uses as fuel for its various processes.

Sustainable Farming

At KEL, we believe in doing our agricultural and processing operations in a sustainable manner. Our focus has always been to analyse and consequently mitigate environmental and social risks caused by our activities through a process that motivates continual improvement.

In that regard, we have subjected ourselves to external audit bodies to reflect the confidence we have, that we are operating within acceptable limits as we do our business. Consequently, we have been certified for the last 10 years by the renowned Rainforest Alliance Certification standard which is based on the themes of environmental soundness, social equity and economic viability.

All our farmers who supply us with greenleaf are looped into the certification together with us. This assure our customers that we have not undertaken our production processes at the expense of our workers or detriment of the environment.

Our operations guarantees optimal interaction of the three pillars of sustainable agriculture which are social, economic and environmental.

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