Biodiverse Agriculture

At KEL, we believe in doing our agricultural and processing operations in a sustainable manner where our focus has always been to analyze and consequently mitigate environmental and social risks caused by our activities through a process that motivates continual improvement.

In that regard, we have subjected ourselves to an external body to give us the confidence that we are operating within acceptable limits as we do our business. Consequently, we have been certified for the last 10 years by the renowned Rainforest Alliance Certification standard which is based on the themes of environmental soundness, social equity and economic viability.

All our farmers who supply us with green leaf are also loped into this certification to assure our customers that we have not undertaken our production processes at the expense of our workers and at the detriment of the environment.

We love to take initiative

Nature Kenya

We are members of Nature Kenya who occasionally grace our farms for their birding activities including assisting us to identify the bird species we have around.

The Forest Challenge

We support the annual event dubbed “The Forest Challenge” which brings together environment enthusiasts in Aberdares Forest to have activities that promote awareness on environmental matters as they also have fun.

Tree Nursery

We run an indigenous tree nursery from which we donate trees to the local community to improve biodiversity and ensure that our flora and fauna thrives.
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